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THEDRIVERS.APP - Community App for all Drivers


THEDRIVERS.APP connects and activates (young) drivers and motor enthusiasts across generations and interests, simplifying the organization of the driver passion within one app. Discovering and creating routes, meets, community news, or driver groups and chats is made easy. Currently, over 13,000 users actively engage and look forward to connecting with new drivers and their contributions on THEDRIVERS.APP.


More than 250 selected routes in Switzerland and surrounding countries are already waiting to be discovered and driven. All routes have been tracked live by our community. Whether it's a cultural trip, a mountain pass drive, or just cruising, everyone will find a suitable route on THEDRIVERS.APP. Of course, we also look forward to new routes from you.


Driver Meets

Find meets for every taste or organize your own with just a few clicks. Whether it's an American car meetup, a supercar ride out, a spontaneous round with friends, or a technical lecture, THEDRIVERS.APP brings together all meets with like-minded enthusiasts.


Shared adventures are the best. Share your passion, join driver groups and clubs, or start your own group and invite friends. Connect across generations, regions, and countries. Get inspired by the community in the newsfeed or become an inspiration yourself by sharing your pictures, videos, and posts about vehicles and adventures, or by providing expert and organizational content in the chats.

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