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MOTORWORLD Region Zurich – Event Calendar 2024!

The MOTORWORLD Region Zurich - located on the site of the former Maggi factory in Kemptthal - has definitely established itself as THE venue for car and motorcycle events of all kinds. Also in 2024, numerous events for mobility enthusiasts are once again on the agenda. The kickoff at the end of April is the "Overland and Vanlife Festival" with a diverse multi-day program for adventure seekers and long-distance travellers. In early May, the "Season Opening" for all sports car and convertible drivers takes place, along with the "Annual Meeting of the Ducati Club Switzerland." Furthermore, there will be four editions of the popular "Older Classics" format, as well as one "French, German, and Italian Car Meeting" each on the schedule.

New this year is the Super and Hypercar event "MYLE," and the conclusion of the event season is once again the 2Wheel Festival "Töffträff." But even outside of the events, MOTORWORLD is always an exciting destination with constantly changing exhibits and a versatile and engaging program. It is open 365 days a year, and admission is always free.

Event Calendar 2024

• 26. – 28.04.2024 – Overland- & Vanlife Festival

• 05.05. Season Opening & Ducati Treffen

• 12.05. Older Classics

• 09.06. Older Classics

• 16.06.2024 – FRENCH CAR MEETING

• 07.07.2024 – ITALIAN CAR MEETING

• 11.08.2024 – Older Classics

• 24. & 25.08.2024 – MYLE-Festival

• 31.08. – 01.09.2024 – TÖFFTRÄFF


• 10.09. Older Classics

• 06.10.2024 – GERMAN CAR MEETING

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