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From Tax Savings to Quality Seal

This year, AMAG Classic is celebrating three anniversaries at the SWISS CLASSIC WORLD 2024.

Seventy-five years ago, Schinznach-Bad became one of Switzerland's most important automotive manufacturing centers with AMAG's "Montage Suisse." Additionally, forty years ago marked the introduction of the first-generation SEAT Ibiza and the iconic Audi Sport quattro in 1984. You can see these highlights at the SWISS CLASSIC WORLD at the AMAG stand 229 in Hall 2.

75 Years of Schinznach Assembly

In 1949, Schinznach-Bad in Aargau became Switzerland's leading automotive manufacturing center when AMAG launched "Montage Suisse" there. Until 1972, around 30,000 vehicles of various brands such as Standard, Plymouth, Chrysler, DeSoto, Studebaker, Dodge, and VW Karmann-Ghia were completely assembled at the Swiss location. The assembly was carried out by the legally independent company "ASAG Automontage Schinznach AG," a sister company of AMAG. During the production years, "Montage Schinznach" became a quality hallmark because the craftsmanship quality there was significantly higher than in the USA. Several vehicles from this era can be seen at the AMAG Classic stand in Hall 2.

40 Years SEAT Ibiza

In Barcelona, SEAT began assembling Fiat models in 1950. It wasn't until 1984 that SEAT developed its first own vehicle, the first-generation Ibiza, without the support of a technology partner. The Ibiza became an immediate success and paved the way for SEAT's rise as a leading automobile manufacturer.

40 Years Audi Sport quattro

Forty years ago, Audi introduced the Sport quattro as a response to the pure racing machines of Group B in the World Rally Championship. Although externally similar to the Audi quattro, the Sport quattro had few similarities apart from the name. The fenders, side panels, roof, hood, front and rear bumpers were manufactured by the company Seger and Hoffmann, while the radiators came from Georg Kaufmann Formenbau AG in Switzerland, the "quattroland."

Win a weekend with a Synfuel test classic car!

AMAG Classic and Empa, in collaboration with Motorex, have jointly investigated the compatibility of synthetic gasoline in vintage cars. The results show that bio-synthetic gasoline exhibits no differences compared to fossil gasoline in terms of material compatibility, exhaust emissions, fuel consumption, performance behavior, and oil compatibility. Visit the AMAG Classic booth in Hall 2 and participate in the raffle to experience the environmentally friendly vintage car feeling yourself with one of these test vehicles.

AMAG Classic – Further expansion of services

At AMAG Classic in Schinznach-Bad, a specialized team takes care of classic vehicles. Newly, AMAG Classic offers consultation and conversion to DAB+ as well as repairs of control units. After a service, all classics receive a complimentary twelve-month mobility insurance.

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