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Fresh Breeze – Schmohl Exclusive Cars AG on a New Course for 2024

Schmohl Exclusive Cars AG is revving up! With an eye on an exciting change of course, the company leadership announces two significant changes. As of April 1, 2024, Robert Schmid will be appointed as the Managing Director of Schmohl Exclusive Cars AG. The experienced leader from Garage Speich AG has successfully navigated all the challenges of the automotive industry over the past 35 years, bringing extensive expertise to the table.

"My team and I are thrilled to welcome Robert to Schmohl Exclusive Cars. His experience and passion are a valuable addition to our company, supporting us in continuously improving our services for our customers." - Christoph Haas, Group CEO Kamps Switzerland

As part of these changes, Arthur Schneider will continue to be responsible for the Classic Cars sales in Kemptthal and will also take over the management of the Weinfelden location. In partnership with EXCEPTIS/Plan & Werke AG, Schmohl Exclusive Cars will present an innovative lifestyle exhibition at this exciting location in Eastern Switzerland, spanning 2,500 m2, offering a unique fusion of automotive and living experiences. Arthur Schneider's extensive expertise in classic cars, young used vehicles, and the latest models promises exciting journeys of discovery for all enthusiasts.

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