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Compatibility of Synfuels in classic car engines

Updated: Apr 9

The AMAG Classic and EMPA have successfully tested synthetic fuels and confirmed their compatibility in classic car engines. The extensive study lasted for a year and included tests with various engine components as well as driving experiments with selected classic cars. The results demonstrate that classics can also be operated in an environmentally friendly manner in the future, as synthetic gasoline can be used in older engines without concerns.

The AMAG Group aims for a climate-neutral footprint by 2040 and supports companies like Synhelion that develop technologies for decarbonizing mobility. Synthetic fuels offer a promising approach to operate combustion engine vehicles in a renewable and environmentally friendly manner. The tests showed hardly measurable differences in exhaust behaviour and performance between synthetic and fossil fuels.

The conducted tests confirm that the use of synfuels in classic car engines is easily feasible and can even contribute to a renewable and environmentally friendly future for these vehicles. AMAG plans to adopt the first quantities of solar fuel from Synhelion this year and use them for their classics. The results of this study encourage vintage car enthusiasts to switch to synfuels once they become available. For more information and details about the tests, click the button below.

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