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Youngtimer-Drive & -Meeting 

Mall of Switzerland - Museum of Transport Lucerne - Swiss Classic World

Sunday, June 4, 2023


In March/April, the friends of the Swiss Classic World and the readers of voted for Switzerlands favorite youngtimers. Thousands took part in the election and as a result, six cars were chosen in six classes.

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The winners of the Swiss Youngtimer Vote 2023.jpg

Big youngtimer meeting

On Sunday, June 4, 2023 Not only should the winners of the competition announced on the occasion of the election be determined, but the Swiss Classic World should also be supplemented with a youngtimer meeting.


-at 09:00 All interested classic car drivers (with cars built between 1993 and 2003) meet at the Mall of Switzerland in Ebikon (Ebisquare Str. 1). You will be there with coffee & Enjoyed croissants.

-from 10:00 The journey continues to the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne (Lidostrasse 5), from 10:30 a.m. the participants arrive at the main entrance and drive to the Museum of Transport in the arena.


-from 11:30 The journey continues to the Swiss Classic World, where the vehicles will be shown into reserved parking spaces (P1) from 12:00.


-at 2 p.m The prizes for the winners of the youngtimer competition will be presented in Hall 2 by and the Swiss Classic World.


The exhibition with the winning vehicles can also be viewed there. Participants in the Youngtimer ride can use the codeSCW23YTW Get discounted tickets to the Swiss Classic World, you can get information on site.

Participate spontaneously!

There is no need to register in advance, just mark June 4th, 2023 in your agenda and drive up to the Mall of Switzerland in a classic car on time that Sunday. 

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Meeting in the Mall of Switzerland.jpg
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