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Visitor Feedback SWISS CLASSIC WORLD 2024

We have asked four individuals from the audience for their opinions on the topic of cars, and here are the responses we received:

Renate Lorenz (87), Wettingen/AG

"The car is part of our cultural heritage! That's why I'm here – because the car has always been present in my life too. In my childhood, there were only two cars in our small town: the doctor drove a Mercedes, and the district governor was chauffeured by the farmer from our village, who was the best driver among us. In our family, we first had only a bicycle, then a bicycle with a motor, later a Lambretta, and then a BMW Isetta. I myself didn't get my driver's license until the age of 45. My first car was a Mazda, then I drove an Audi Coupe, followed by a Peugeot convertible, and finally a Mercedes with automatic transmission."

Moritz Michel (33) mit Sohn Luc (1), Luzern

"Why am I here? I'm fascinated by the aesthetics of vintage cars, that's why I'm here for the first time. When it comes to cars, I'm influenced by my family: my mother had an old Fiat 500, and my godfather owns vintage cars. My personal vehicle dream is an old original Mini."

Birgit Nonnenprediger (57) und Götz Tintelnot (57), Gersau/SZ

"The Swiss Classic World rally is taking place for the first time this year, practically right on our doorstep, which is why we wouldn't miss the chance to participate. We attend about five rallies per year. The SWISS CLASSIC WORLD is a very attractive and well-organized old and youngtimer fair with many beautiful cars on display."

René Schmid (52), Zürich

"My father used to do autocross racing and still has a collection of vintage cars, so I grew up with them. At the age of seven, I drove alone for the first time in an old VW Beetle on the gravel track in circles. The car is for me a comfortable means of transportation, and I'm excited that you can now also drive electrically. This is my first time at the SWISS CLASSIC WORLD – the ambiance of nostalgia and classic vehicles mixed with the scent of gasoline in the air is fantastic."

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