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SPIRIT – the new magazine for classic and sports cars, bikes, and lifestyle topics

SPIRIT is the new premium magazine for the classic car scene in Switzerland. It's not just about the history and technical aspects of the road or track; it's the passion of the people that drives the magazine and its stories. People who love classics and have developed their own unique drivestyle around them.

That's why SPIRIT revives icons and legends of automotive history in Switzerland—through drivers' experiences, collectors' dream cars, and enthusiasts' preferences. Exclusive stories, top-notch texts, great photos, and a unique layout. In short: People, cars, emotions.

The magazine is published six times a year, each issue ranging from 116 to 132 pages in German, printed in Switzerland on high-quality paper and distinguished by its premium design. In addition to exclusive car portraits, sections such as road trips, motorcycles, significant events, and a large marketplace featuring vehicle listings from Switzerland enrich the magazine.

SPIRIT is available for CHF 12 at leading Swiss kiosks, with a trial subscription at CHF 25 for three issues or a regular annual subscription at CHF 72 for all six editions. For more information on content and subscriptions, please visit here: or call 062 386 05 00.

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