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The AutoZeit Yearbok 2024

The Yearbook 2024 is a reference work covering a total of more than 14,000 vintage and classic cars. It is more comprehensive than the 2023 edition. This international "Oldtimer Bible" has been published in three languages: German, French, and Italian.

The new edition has been supplemented with hundreds of "new" vintage cars that have now reached their thirtieth year, resulting in a total of more than 14,000 vintage and classic cars listed, all with photos, technical data, and current prices in five categories ranging from "Concours Condition" to "in need of restoration." For each type, not only sedans but also any coupes, convertibles, station wagons, and special body styles have been recorded along with their respective current prices.

After this new yearbook has been brought up to date, one can conclude that despite the uncertainties of today's times, the market for vintage and classic cars continues to develop positively. While the significant increase in value that was once prevalent in the mid-range has somewhat stabilized, everyday vehicles—especially those in excellent condition—have generally increased significantly in value. This increase is particularly pronounced in the upper segment nearly everywhere.

The yearbook is not just a reference book for insurers and appraisers. Instead, as a classic car enthusiast, you can lose track of time throughout the year, regularly uncovering enlightening facts and stumbling upon surprises in this "classic car bible."

The AutoZeit Yearbook 2024 costs CHF 42.- (plus CHF 10.- shipping) and can be ordered at:

Phone: +41 61 601 45 25

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